ArvanCloud has tried to implement a fair, economic pricing model for its products. We will describe the details of this pricing model in this page.

Pay-As-You-Go Model

The new generation of ArvanCloud products are offered with Pay-As-You-Go pricing model. In fact, the users will only pay as much as they require to use the service. Each user can top up their account as much as they require to use the integrated cloud services of ArvanCloud. Moreover, you can calculate your future use with the help of ArvanCloud “calculator”. ArvanCloud accounting system calculates and displays your usage based on an hourly basis and your usage in your personal account.
Except the support services and the cloud security service, which have a purchase limit and you can activate them in a specific period of time, all the other service can be even used for one hour.

Free and Economic Plans

ArvanCloud is not the cheapest cloud service provider in the world but it offers one of the most economic integrated cloud solutions. In our new pricing model, many services are offered for free in the basic plan. These basic services can efficiently support the needs of many small businesses, people and academics.
For example, the following services are offered for free:

Service Type Usage Price
Cloud DNS For all usages Free
CDN 20 GB Traffic + 20K HTTP/HTTPS Requests Free
Cloud Security Basic DDoS Attack Protection Free
Cloud Storage 10 GB Storage + 20 GB Traffic Free
VoD Platform 10 GB Storage + 20 GB Traffic Free

The pricing of most of the services are based on economic Basic Plans:

Service Type Usage Price
Live Streaming Live Streaming an Event for 2 hours with 3 Qualities with 50 Concurrent Users 1.20 €
Video Ads. 5000 Ads Display with 70 Clicks 4.87 €
Cloud Computing Server with 1 Core CPU, 1 GB RAM + 25 GB Storage, 10TB Traffic 6.54 €
Support Ticketing 1.23 €

Transparent Pricing

The pricing model for the cost and usage of all ArvanCloud products before using is transparent and after usage an invoice with details will be issued for the user. Each product has a page including detailed pricing for all the features of that product. At the end of these pages, the common usages for the product is given as a sample, in order to give the beginner users a better understanding of the prices. Moreover, in the Calculator page you can have a more precise estimation of the usages and prices.
As mentioned earlier, ArvanCloud invoices are generated based on the usage of different parameters of all the services and are automatically updated to the userʼs personal account as a final invoice at the end of each month. In the Financial Management page, all the transactions and the previous invoicesʼ archives are accessible to the user.

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Cloud Security
Video Platform
Live Streaming
Video Ads
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