A DNS as Wide as the World

A DNS as Wide as the World

Cloud DNS
Manage your DNS more easily, securely, and quickly with ArvanCloud Cloud DNS

Global Coverage
with the Extensive Anycast Network

ArvanCloud Anycast architecture has a highly positive effect on uploading content and domain name resolution and converting them to IP addresses all over the world. All DNS servers around the world will detect ArvanCloud DNS servers from the closest geolocation.

Arvan Cloud DNS100.1.1.1test.comIRUKUSAU100.3.3.3test.com100.2.2.2test.com100.4.4.4test.com

Geolocation Domain Name Resolution

Set a specific domain or subdomain to correspond to different IPs for any geolocation automatically or manually.

Use ArvanCloud DNS For Free

Google DNS
+$0.20 per zone per month
+$0.40 per million queries
Amazon AWS
+$0.40 per million queries
Azure DNS
+$0.50 per zone per month
Arvan dns health check

Server Health Check

ArvanCloud DNS is a unique feature that reviews the Round-Robin load balancing of the assigned IPs to a domain, accessibility status, and health check of each server and return healthy servers’ IPs.

Higher Performance with ArvanCloud’s Proprietary Authoritative DNS

By developing its exclusive Authoritative DNS and an extensive network, ArvanCloud responds to all DNS requests in less than 5 milliseconds


Become More Secure

ArvanCloud Cloud Security Solution
ArvanCloud protects websites and their online content against cyber attacks, hacking attempts, and DDoS attacks without requiring any extra hardware.
Moreover, ArvanCloud offers various security solutions including data encryption, access control, and user query management for each website.


ArvanCloud is one of the few DNS providers in the world, offering you a precise analytics for monitoring requests, geolocations, and your IP health check

Analysis Request
Geolocation Analysis
Health Check Analysis

Pay-As-You-Go pricing

Go to the Pricing page to see pricing in detail. You can use the Calculator to estimate your expenses.