Livestreaming with a Few Clicks

Livestreaming with a Few Clicks

ArvanCloud Video platform allows the content producers and distributers to transform their video or livestream content to several different qualities and formats. You can also store and publish it in an unlimited cloud storage without any infrastructural concerns.

Non-stop Broadcasting All Over the World

ArvanCloud Video platform is integrated over the Content Delivery Network. It helps the video content to be delivered to the users from the nearest geolocation, helping each user to watch videos without delays and with the best possible speed.

Playing the Best Quality for any Internet Speed

Your video content is converted into several different formats and qualities automatically or based on your desired settings. The videos are optimized based on the speed and the bandwidth available to the user.

arvan video browser vod-compatibility

Compatible with All Devices and Browsers

The displayed video content is compatible with all browsers and devices.

With Time Machine, you won't lose any moment of livestream.

In addition to continuous and uninterrupted broadcasting live video events all around the world, ArvanCloud makes it possible to play the previous instances of a live event using the Time Machine.

arvan time machine

Thousands of users are watching ArvanCloud Live Streaming every day.

ArvanCloud Live Streaming Features

CDN Integration

Significant speed boost in playing video content and unlimited broadcast capacity

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Always showing optimized quality based on your internet and bandwidth speed
Free Web Player
Completely free and compatible web player, supporting all platform features
Smart and Automatic Converting
Automatically convert the uploaded videos into different qualities, based on the analyzed input video specs
Secure Link
Control and limit access to special video contents
Applying certain limitations based on the geolocation of users
Dedicated Domain
Serving your video contents in the name of your own domain
Adding Watermarks
Possibility of inserting fixed or animated images at any point of the video content
Time Machine
Possibility of rewinding feature during watching live videos

View Live Videos with any Internet Speed

ArvanCloud broadcasts optimized live stream content based on your Internet bandwidth, without any interruptions.

Minimum Delay
in Concurrent Live Streaming for the Users

The incoming streams in ArvanCloud Video Platform can be delivered with minimum delay and with equal quality to all the users.

Integrated and Powerful Processing Cluster

By using ArvanCloud’s integrated and powerful cluster, the heavy process of video transcoding is performed with an incredible speed. No more need for powerful graphical processors.

arvan video cloud storage

Fast and Simple Video Streaming

General Features
General Features
Smart Quality
Smart Quality
Content Security
Content Security
Content Specialization
Content Specialization
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
Compatible with all Devices and Browsers

Adjust your content to match the browser or devices of your audience

Select your Video Size

Customize the dimensions of the output video

Select the Image & Sound Quality

Customize the bit rate (quality) of sound and image


You can customize your settings


Supporting dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP to achieve the highest compatibility with Android and providing the lowest delay in real-time live streaming

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Supporting HTTP Live Streaming to enhance compatibility with Apple products

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Secure Link

Control access to your special video contents

Content Encryption

Encrypt your video content to prevent illegal downloads


Burn fixed or animated images at every point of the video content

Dedicated Domain

Offering converted video content with exclusive domain

CDN Integration

Significantly increases the speed of playing the videos with unlimited playback capacity

Free Web Player

Free web player is compatible with all platform features

Video Advertising

Add advertisements to your video to support integration with ArvanCloud video ad platform


Provides all settings and options via the API

Reporting based on traffic usage
Reporting based on the geolocation of users
Reporting of a better playback quality
Popular videos analytics
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Live Stream 3
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Live Stream 4
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Choose your live streaming duration, incoming & outgoing quality and used traffic
Live streaming duration: 1 hour
1 hour
30 day
Incoming stream: less than 500kbps
Outgoing stream : less than 500kbps
Used Traffic : 20 GB
20 GB
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